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Dec 16, 2008

Two for the road

I'm did a quick check and found a couple more. Funny thing is that I've seen these before, but they weren't bookmarked by me. Geez, I wonder when these will stop. I'm finding at least one per day to add. Maybe when it slows down, I'll go through and weed some out that aren't too relevant. Maybe some reviews of different sites? Who knows what the future holds.

On to the blogs!

Kmareka.com is described as a place where social workers and citizens speak out. It is run by Kiersten Marek, a LICSW.

The next one is Social Care/Palliative Care , a blog that talks about social work issues related to palliative and end of life care.

And that's all, folks!


1 Comment:

Kamil Pachalko said...

Hello there, I like your blog gathering all the social work blogs out there. I'm a social work student in UK myself and was thinking of some web based project to help amplify social work voices by blogs or social networking websites.

Social workers have a shared experience and situations typical to the profession so would be great to get social workers communicating like this.

Please get in contact with me as two people thinking similar things we could do some interesting projects.

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