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Jan 16, 2009

Three Amigos!

I have a trio to add for today, and several in my review file. It's amazing how many new blogs have been started...or maybe it's that I'm just discovering them.

The first is named Everyone's Child, a blog of "Children, Family, Mental Health, Social Services and Everything In-Between".

Next up is the politically incorrectly named Don't Worry, I'm Just Going Crazy. It admittedly seems like mostly a personal blog, but there is some social work stuff in there. And no worries about the name. We can't be on ALL the time.

Our next blog is quite an interesting concept. Social Workin' It appears to be the blog of a number of self proclaimed "social work gals" so wanted a place to share resources and ideas. If ever a blog niche should incorporate collaborative blogging, it should be the social work niche. Good work, gals.


1 Comment:

Krista said...

You might just be discovering them. My blog has been around since 2004 :)
Great blog. Have a peaceful day!

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