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Jan 18, 2009

Two more good ones

It's not difficult to find social work blogs, or even to write a little bit about them. The difficult part of keeping up this blog is finding a title to use for my posts! I guess I'm not very creative in that way. I could use the blog's title that I'm announcing, but I usually add a couple at a time. I tend to keep it simple...maybe too simple. No worries, though. We're not here for my posts, we're here for the social work blogs. So let us get to them!

As the title suggests, there are two blogs for today. The first one is titled Harlow's Monkey. It is a fantastic blog about adoption written by a social worker who was born in Korea and adopted to the US at the age of 3. The name of the blog comes from the controversial experiments done by Harry Harlow. The authors explanation about why they chose the name for the blog is a MUST READ.

Socialworkerthoughts is written by a hospital social worker. It seems fairly new and many of the posts are pointed directly at social work with a great writing style. Interested reading, for sure.


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