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Jan 12, 2009

Introducing www.socialworkblogs.info

And so begin the changes.

I have invested a little bit of time in this blog, so not it's time to pretty it up a little bit. While the blogspot address is fine and well, I knew that for only a small investment, I could get a nice, short(ish), more rememberableish name for this place.

So after a little bit of messing around, welcome to the new


Hopefully, this move will help this little information blog grow and get more traffic, giving me incentive to put more time into it! And the changes aren't over. I am working on a new banner, possibly some new static pages and potentially a bit more.

My wish is that everyone will give me a link back here so some of the magic of the web can start working for all of us. 

Social workers have such a big contribution to make towards the wellness of the world that the more our voice gets out there, the better it is for all of us. I'm doing my best to promote the greatness of the social work bloggers out there, and I hope you'll help me do the same.



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