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Feb 12, 2009

I Could Never Do What You Do

I love it when social workers get the whole "Oh, I can't believe you do that. I could never do that." Or, "Oh, you're a saint". Puhleeeze...yes, what we do can be difficult and it's not for everyone, but in all seriousness, WHAT job IS for EVERYONE? Is there really a job that everyone out there could do and succeed at? Nuh uh...

Anyways, I rant about this because the title of one of today's blogs plays on this scenario. And with that, here are today's blogs!

The Title's Social Worker, Not Miracle Worker

Musings of an Evil Social Worker


1 Comment:

Worker of miracles said...

Hi thanks for adding my blog! How on earth did you find me? I really like your site & am honoured to be included in your list! Thanks again

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