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Mar 6, 2009


You've probably read Social Work Blogs to discover new social work blogs, connect with social work bloggers and read up on the latest things going on in the social work profession. Our subscriber list is growing daily, and I've sort of realized that the updates that go out don't really do the site justice. I've considered some different options to deal with this, such as regular updates on some recent posts by other bloggers, a simple reminder to visit the site to see what's going on lately in the SWBlogosphere or just a gentle nudge to say hi!

If people have any ideas on what they'd like to see more of here, please leave a comment, but as for now, remember that there's a lot of rich content to find here, so visit the site often to check us out!

Thanks again for your support, and I'll be doing some reviewing tonite, so there might be a couple new blogs listed tomorrow!



fightingmonsters said...

I'm almost loathe to suggest it but how about a round-up or a carnival of social work blogs type thing. I tried the round up though and it took me more time than I realised but maybe the carnival could be about people submitting suitable pieces or pieces they like about a certain theme and then you just list/link them. Something like that.. especially as more blogs are popping up all over the place and it becomes more difficult to follow them all!

Leslie Ann Lovett, MSW, LCSW said...

I am a relatively new blogger and am so happy to have found your blog! I will check back with suggestions after I've looked around a bit. TY! :)

Leslie Ann Lovett, MSW, LCSW said...

Have you considered putting a link from the home page to Delicious http://delicious.com/ or Twitter or Facebook? All are great social networking sites that offer us so many new ways to make important connections for our own professional development and pershaps increase our effectiveness as providers. :)

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