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May 1, 2009

Weekly Social Workings (2)

Welcome to the second edition of Weekly Social Workings (thanks to oregonamy1972 for the name). To recap what I'm trying to do here; I will be choosing an assortment of posts that have caught my eye in the past week and offer them up to you, in case you missed them. Might as well jump right in:

It’s very hard to say goodbye to all the things that have been my life for the past two years – the school, the classes, the professors, the city, the internships, the friendships – and while those relationships are not necessarily ending completely (though some will, so it goes) and I will still keep in touch many of the above, it will not be the same.
Try telling that to the freaked out family in the waiting room. The family who's been put through the ringer with a young adult--a kid (and I do mean "kid") who's old enough to have discovered the delights of illicit mind altering substances but young enough to still have plenty of options in front of them. If they would just get off the drugs.
I wonder how much there is a culture of leaning on medication as the ‘easiest’ option through a period of difficulty. I am by no means anti-medication. I have seen some almost miraculously positive results and pharmacology is a vital part in most treatment plans but something about the normalisation of antidepressant medication seems to sit uncomfortably.
Eyes Opened Wider has a secret to share:
I've been quasi-searching for a new job since around December. I'm not in love with my current job and there are some things about the agency that made me certain that my time there was going to be limited from the very begining. But, I'm struggling with looking for a new job. Most of this struggle comes from the feelings I still have about leaving my last job as a Foster Care Caseworker.
Well, that's all for this week. But that's not say that there aren't other great posts out there. If you have some time, come flip through some new blogs that you haven't read before. You never know what you're gonna find. ;)


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cb said...

Thanks for putting this together - and for the inclusion! Good work and some interesting new stuff!

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