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May 15, 2009

Weekly Social Workings (4)

We're back again, although a little bit late. I wonder if this is the right day to be doing this, as it's a busy day, and everyone is probably off trying to think of anything BUT work. Let's see how it goes.

There are a few posts that caught our eye here, so let's not waste any time and just get into it.

Fighting Monsters explores a new system of online Cognitive Behavior therapy and expresses some skepticism about it.

I have to say my gut instinct is to be a little sceptical. Perhaps because I don’t think the human relationships can be wholly replaced but I can accept firstly, the responses of those who have actually undertaken the courses as opposed to me who will admit to knowing little about them and secondly, can understand how some people might find it easier to accept treatment without wanting to actually see and talk to another person (although the referral comes via the GP).
Social Worker To Be is feeling underutilized at her placement.
I’m getting frustrated. I hate being bored at work. I’d rather be run off my feet than sat twiddling my thumbs.
Trench Warfare is a bit flabbergasted at a name she was called by another social worker.
I'm sorry, wait...."BABY"? Did that guy, whom I've never, ever met, and only spoken to on the phone one other time in my life, just call me "baby"?
Surely not.
Surely I was just imagining things.
SURELY an adult male that lives in the 21rst century wouldn't call a perfect stranger "baby". The whole sexual-harassment-thing notwithstanding, it's just plain insulting.
Short but sweet. That's our thing here. ;)


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Thanks for the mention!

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