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May 29, 2009

Weekly Social Workings (5)

After the blip last week, I realized that this is a good thing. It helps me read more good social work writings and it helps spread them around. This blog is still growing, but we get decent readership, so I know the word is being spread. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.
And onto the blogs:

Amy's Life in Brief discusses an issue of what to do when you know your patient personally:

But, I wonder if, had the family been in crisis, it would have been appropriate to intercede.
Certainly, if it would have been a family I knew well, I wouldn’t. At least I wouldn’t as a professional or employee of the hospital. But, only knowing them slightly, is it ever OK to get involved? And if they don’t recognize them, do I inform them that I know them and how, in the interest of full disclosure?
Midlife Musings and my Second Career talks about the vacation she's on:
I'm writing this blog from a lovely rental retreat in the Catskills. All four of us have gathered here on vacation, fulfilling our promise to ourselves to always have at least one family vacation a year. It's my last before heading off to my new job as a newly ordained social worker. We trekked up Bellayre Mountain and had the trail to ourselves.
Psyched Out has an interesting critique of a recent movie:
I really did want to see this movie due to the actually funny physical comedy in the previews I saw. And I might have been willing to sit through the hateful jokes for the good ones on my own. But when there's too much hate for my 8 year old twins and ther 7 year old friend in the first fifteen minutes, I won't give the producers my money again.
Off the Record seems to have found her niche:
...that sometimes you can't do individual work without involving the entire family. That's definitely 100% true for kids, in my opinion anyway. My teacher - who has an ego the size of Texas, but is totally brilliant - said the same thing on day 1 this week and it was like hearing a Hallelujah chorus behind me.
Social Worker in a Strange Land talks about work related trauma:
In this year, I have been attacked physically more than I ever was working in residential. I've been verbally accosted by kids and parents. I have played a role in supporting initial disclosures and treatment of significant sexual and physical abuse and other trauma with many children on my case load this year. I know two families that have lost all their possessions to house fires. I know at least five (maybe more) families that have lost a close family member to gun violence in the past six months. I have been threatened by a colleague I should be collaborating with, who instead made me feel like she wanted me removed from my job. And as egotistical as it may sound, I did not in any way deserve to be removed or threatened in such a manner. I am good at what I do.
To end this off, I'll give a shout out to one of my favorite blogs which is supposedly saying goodbye.
Adventures in Prison is shutting down:
I am writing to say this is my last blog entry and I will be deleting my blog soon.
You will be missed, that's for sure.


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Could I submit my blog for consideration? I'm a social worker, and the blog is not solely about my job as a social worker, but I occasionally talk about my work in mental health and would love to be included. :)

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