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Jun 27, 2009

Newly Updated "New to us" Blogs - Part III

Here is Part III of III

Nitara - deeply rooted
Katie Malinski, LCSW
Living Proof Podcast
my world


ps, comments are always welcome



cb said...

So many! I can't believe how many more blogs about and by social workers have popped up.. I am definitely beginning to lose track and for that, I'm grateful you have this one here! Greatly appreciated.

Leslie Ann Lovett, MSW, LCSW said...

I agree with cb and find this blog a very helpful way to "keep up" with all of the social work blogs out there. I am also grateful that so many social workers are blogging. Lots of practice wisdom is shared here, which is so important for our profession and for social work practioners.

The Masked AMHP said...

I wonder if you would like to include my blog in your list. The blog is:


I am a social worker working in mental health in the UK. My blog is about the assessments I have to make under the Mental Health Act.

Melinda said...

This is such a helpful site to find new blogs and keep up with favorites. All of these seem to be pretty direct-practice related; I have a social work blog, but from my capacity as a social work instructor and macro practitioner (community organizing and policy advocacy). I'd love it if you'd check it out: melindaklewis.wordpress.com

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