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Jun 6, 2009

Weekly Social Workings (6)

Here's another installment of social work posts that caught my eye. Getting right to it!

The Life of a Social Worker discusses a part of his life he's tentative to speak about:

I have always held it as a shame on me that I have been homeless in the past. When I started college in 1986, I was living on the streets of Columbia, SC. I mean literally living on the streets. I would sit on the grounds of the state capital and watch squirrels. I slept at night in the Oliver Gospel Mission.
Everyone Needs Therapy has a great post about divorce:
Once the D-word is out, there’s no taking it back. It’s out. And it comes out again, and again, and again, because without that bravado that comes with commitment, the other will not say, , “I’m sorry. I know you’re miserable. I shouldn’t have said that. Let’s talk. Let’s work it out. I love you.”
Confessions of a Young Looking Social Worker has a post about a great day:
Even though I'm behind on end-of-the-month charting, this was an undeniably great day. Because of said charting and other random business, I only made 3 visits but there was no doubting that I made a comforting connection at each home. I won't delve into the minutiae of each visit- I don't have the luxury of time tonight. However, I will share the "evidence" of my great day.
That's it for now. Looking forward to next week!



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