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Jul 18, 2009

A Call To Social Work Bloggers or SW Blog Lovers

The New Social Worker Online is looking for Social Work Bloggers or SW Blog Lovers for an interview! I thought I'd mention it here, as it just seems appropriate. ;)

The New Social Worker Online Blog: Calling All Bloggers!

Do you write a social work blog? Do you regularly read social work blogs? (hint: you are reading one right now :) If so I'd love to interview you! My next article will focus on how social workers use blogs, what you think of them, etc. If you'd like to give your opinion please email me at karen[at]karenzgoda.org.

Spread the word - please tell your colleagues!



therapydoc said...

All I know is, they tend to blog really well, write well.

SHARON said...

How about a blog from a SW student. I am a returning student, from becoming a(displaced homemaker); but not complaining... My field of practice will be pediatric hospice. I have almost 24 mos., in @ GCC, will be @ ASU in a semester or so. I found this blog location and was interested in reading about fellow SW w/ experienced issues. I will be interested in doing this, if it works.

sarah said...

i am a 23 MSW student...some of my thoughts as I go through the social work process can be found at http://sarahflorida1085.xanga.com. I am glad to finally have found this site for such good resources of other social workers experiences, it is encouraging, inspiriting and helpful in my learning process!

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