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Sep 13, 2009

A Measure of Success

Although there haven't been any new blogs added here in a while (although there are many coming), the hits keep coming and we keep chugging along. I did a little bit of cleaning up today, and was thinking about how I measure success around here. There are many ways, really. How many hits I get, how many comments, clicks on ads, emails thanking me, etc.

However, all of these pale in comparison to the most important measure. That measure is outclicks. As a directory blog, I decided that my measure of success would be how many people that visit this blog click on the other blogs that I feature. The most important reason is that I want the voices of social workers to be heard. My hope is that if people see their blog being visited via this blog, they will link back here and we'll create a great loop of information sharing.

There are SO many great SW blogs out there, and this place is a testament to that fact. Let us all share the love and spread our info around.



Diana HK said...

I have a social worker blog and I hope you do not mind me plugging it here.

therapydoc said...

I'll send people over to you soon. Fact is, when I check statistics I see that people are coming from your blog. So thanks, and keep up the great work!

cb said...

Another couple of blogs -
wallofbrick.wordpress.com and activesocialwork.wordpress.com - both new British social work blogs!

T. J. said...

I love this Web site! It's a perfect place for me to "take a break" when writing term papers late at night, and when I feel disconnected it's where I can find my "peeps!"

Thanks for all your hard work!

~Ms. T. J.

myembodiment said...

I love this resource. I have a link to it from my blog as well. And it is refreshing, inspiring, and sometimes just the energy boost I need to get through my next post to see how many other social workers are out there writing into the blogosphere and cyber-abyss :)!

Teresa at http://myembodiment.wordpress.com

SWP said...

New LCSW private practice blog here!:


Plus, still posting at




See you there.

Lindsay N. said...

I just started a SW blog. perhaps you can add it to your growing collection.


Charlie said...

hi there
Just wanted to let you know that I have moved my blog from blogger to wordpress. I've given it a new name too so if you could adjust your links accordingly or even make a post i would be very grateful.

old blog (at blogger) http://tflbsws.blogspot.com

new blog at: www.blindsocialwork.com

You do such wonderful work with this blog! keep up the great work.

me said...

Hello! I'm an MSW student who recently got into blogging! This site is a great resource and I hope to add a little to it:



BeckyJ said...

What a great site. I have really enjoyed some of the connections I have been able to make here. Could you add my blog to the directory njsocialworker.blogspot.com

SWP said...

The Social Work Test Prep Blog has relocated. Come check out expanded, redesigned site:


Dan Parton said...

I write a blog on social work (and more widely on social care). Here is the address (if you don't mind me plugging it here) http://socialcareblog.wordpress.com

stella said...

These events are very interesting and the development of the society.Your effort on the social oriented services will definitely give the credit to you as the fame and the grateful prayer of the users.

Babs said...

Thanks so much for this resource. I was inspired to start my own blog!
I linked back to you :)


Alejandra Acuna said...

I have been blogging since I started a PhD program at UCLA. My blog is myswphd.blogspot.com. Thanks for spreading the word about SW bloggers.

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