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Mar 17, 2010

Four New Blogs

The picture has no relevance to the post. I just love koi. Actually, anything in the goldfish family, for some reason. I started searching for a pic to represent spring, and saw a pond and then thought of koi! I love those connections that happen sometimes.
Speaking of connections, I've been thinking about this blog/directory. There are WELL over 125 blogs listed, some active and some not so active. I imagine if you're first encountering them all, it might be very difficult to navigate them all and sort through them. Might there be a better way to have them all displayed? I kind of like the format where the most active rise to the top, but I'm always open to ideas. Have you seen a directory type page whose format would work for socialworkblogs? Any suggestions are absolutely welcome! Anyways, on to the new blogs!

Nechakogal's Blog

Social Work Leadership

Tai's World

Live Wise



Anatolia said...

I love that the list is organized by most recently updated blogs on top.

Perhaps on a separate page (like the one that used to have the alphabetized list of blogs) it may be useful to divide blogs according to focus: i.e. hospital social workers, homeless shelter, social work students, social work news. I do realize there's some overlap (maybe that could be included in parenthesis, like hospital social work (and personal)).

Thank you for your continued hard work in developing and upkeeping this *great* resource!

nechakogal said...

This is a great resource. Thank you!

Stacie E. Hebert said...

Hello! I'm a social work grad student in Massachusetts. I started a blog, mainly about macro social work, and also policy and other social work on the web. I'm trying to publicize my blog and get discussions started, so I'd appreciate it if you can link me from your site. Feedback on my blog welcomed!


Nectarine said...

I also humbly submit my i'm-so-bored-i-started-a-blog.
this site was great in helping me find some lovely blogs to follow!


Anonymous said...

Jim Rose said...
I have started a blog about a book I have just written - could be of interest - How Nurture Protects Children - partly a critique of the current professional culutre and partly showing how the principles of nurture and ideas from attachment can be used to think about the relationship between policy- practice and social work training -
See http://makingmyownwords.blogspot.com/

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