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Sep 14, 2010

A Social Work Blogs Wordle

I thought it might be interesting to take all the names of the blogs that are listed in this directory and create a Wordle cloud. I thought there might be something unique and interesting in there. It was not to be. It's what you would expect. :)

Wordle: swblogs

It's actually a little bit more interesting if some of the expected words are removed.

Wordle: swblogs



Nectarine said...

I like it. I never knew "musing" was such a popular past time for social workers!

Ashley said...

I am an aspiring social worker, and am starting to think about my practicum. An assisted living facility was suggested to me, however, they do not have a social worker. While this may be bad, I also see it as a challenge for me as a growing student in the field. When I meet with the administrators I want to have some ideas for a project handy, in case I am asked. So far, I have come up with a one on one activity/outing program, to help me get to know residents; a caregiver support group; or even staff discussions about important topics such as burnout and taking care of oneself. Does anyone have any information, suggestions, or words of wisdom for me?

antiSWer said...

I don't have specific suggestions for ideas that you an bring to the administrators, but one thing I would suggest is that if you do take the practicum, to have some sort of outside social work mentor to work with you for supervision. It's easy to get drawn into the mindset of the other professions, and while there is nothing wrong with their professions, you are on a social work practicum. You're there to learn social work. :)

Good luck with it. It sounds like you have some pretty great ideas already.

Free State Social Work said...

Ashley, you might want to take a look at the courses listed at www.freestatesocialwork.com. They give a sense of the current work in the field and they might give you some insight into topics like caregiver support or social work burnout.

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