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Dec 9, 2010

A Social Work Blog Carnival

Hello readers,

I received an email from a blogger who is wanting to start a Social Work Blog Carnival. I have no experience with these, so I'll let their words speak for them!

Many bloggers have probably heard of the concept of a blog Carnival, but just to clarify, it is a sort of online magazine on a specific theme which is made up of contributions from those who blog on that theme. The carnival is generally hosted by different blogs each month and provides links to each. 
I am looking to get a social work blog carnival going. I am thinking that I'll leave the theme of the first edition open in order to solicit more interest. It should be related to social work, but doesn't necessarily need to be by a social worker. It can be from a child and youth care worker, addictions treatment, research, etc. As long as it relates to social work and/or the helping process. 

I think this is a great idea and will support it as best as I can. I urge you to contribute what you can to the carnival and get it rolling. There are a LOT of great Social Work bloggers out there, so make your voice heard! 



shelly losee said...

I clicked on the link, but it said "blog not found."

shelly losee said...

I clicked on the link, but it said "blog not found."

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