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Sep 1, 2012

A Few Links for the end of Summer

My (constant) apologies for having neglected this place. The tragedy is that there are a number of new blogs every day popping up that I'm missing. I wish I could give more time to this, as it's very important. Anyways, I've gathered some links that have come through comments to distribute to you all. Enjoy!

Finding Happiness Everywhere
Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian
No Miracles Here

The last is what looks like a social networking site for social workers. That just blew my mind! Anyways, you can find it at:



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Linda Grobman said...

Thank you for keeping us updated on new social work blogs. I hope you will check out this new one and add it to your site:
This is the newly-designed Social Work Graduate School Site, a publication of The New Social Worker magazine.

Thanks again for all you are doing!

shelly losee said...

Thank you for adding Finding Happiness Everywhere!

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